Engine Mods.

The following day was a Sunday, time to work on the engine.  My son and I installed the C&L Mass Air Flow system, the Red Line hood struts and tuned the engine with a Diablo Predator.  Notice that the C&L rubber hoses are red.  They are reversible.  The default color is Blue, but it you turn them inside out, they turn red.  Also, notice the pony on the strut towers.  That was part of the Xenon Decal set that was used on the calipers.


The JET Powr-flo Throttle body spacer was installed later.  It provided more torque on the low end and eliminated the notorious throttle lag.



The crank shaft pulley proved to be too difficult to remove so the MotoBlueUnderdrive Pulley installation would have to be put off to another day.


http://www.redlinetuning.com/QL-comp-chart.html  Hood Struts - $59.95 - Ordered 6/16 for $59.95 including shipping after $10 discount from Mustangforums.com




Dyno Proven option 7 – includes C&L, Predator, and Motoblue UD Pulleys +33.4 RWHP& 31.4 Ft/Lbs Torque

$749 including shipping



JET Throttle Body spacer - lists for $129 but bought it slightly used from a forum member for $69 including shipping.  He upgraded his TB after only 3 weeks and could no longer use it.