Chrome Grill Accent


This was a very inexpensive mod with a lot of appeal.  The goal was to create a grill accent reminiscent of the ones on the classic mustangs from the 60's.  I bought a 10' roll of chrome door edge molding and pushed it onto the grill.  I had to loosen it a bit for easier access by flipping the mounting tabs on the light buckets and releasing the grille from each tab.  When I was done, it looked like something was missing.  The top of the grile was black and due to the shape I could not use the door trim.  I went back to the auto parts store and purchased a roll of  1/4" fender trim which is attached with 3M tape.  After installing the fender trim along the top of the grille, I noticed that grill still needed some more accents.  I had thought about purchasing the fog light trim ring but the ones currently on the market are too thick.  I played with the 1/4" trim and attached it around the fog lights.  I liked this appearance much better.  It adds just a touch of class without being overpowering.  

Finally when I was done, I closed the hood and to my surprise, I could no longer see the top of the grill accent again.  I installed another piece of the door trim molding along the edge of the  hood and trimmmed it to line  up with the edges of the grill.  The hole job took about 15 minutes not counting the time spent driving back and forth to the auto parts store.




Door trim Molding - 10' roll    $7.97

Flat 1/4" fender trim M olding $12.97

Installed 4/21/2007