Fast Toys 4" slant cut Muffler Tips


As far as I'm concerned, the sound of the Stock GT mufflers on a manual equipped car is just right (the mufflers on the manual shift cars have a deeper note then those on the automatics).  Changing just the mufflers does not provide a significant performance increase and driving with the top down, you don't want the car to be any louder.  In my opinion, the only added benefit of the aftermarket mufflers was the look of the larger tips.  They filled the exhaust cutout on the muffler and the rolled tip looks more properly finished.  The mirror like finish is also an added improvement.

 I was lucky to be selected as a test fitter for this product just had to pay  for shipping.

 Click here for instructions on how to install this mod




Fast Toys - $N/A+20 for shipping

Ordered 1/15/07, installed 1/27/07