Ford Plenum cover:

This is the Ford Plenum cover available as an option on 2007 mustangs.  It is part of the GT appearance package.  I ordered it directly from a Ford dealer as soon as it started shipping.  I had to remove the Throttle body spacer and use 6mm studs in the top 2 throttle body bolt holes.

 Eventually, I did not like the reduced perfromance without the throttle body, not to mention that I was getting worse gas mileage.  I decided to re-install the throttle body spacer and  modify the plenum cover  to fit with the throttle body spacer.  

Click here for intructions on how to modify the Plenum cover to fit with the throttle body spacer.


Ordered 6/21/2006 received and installed 7/21/2006. 

ordered from , $56 including shipping