Shaker hood


CJ pony parts had an incredible sale on the CDC shaker hood so I broke down and boght it.  The CDC shaker has a large shroud that covers most of the engine.  I did not like the way this loooked so I trimmed the shroud so as to expose the valve covers. After trimming it, the edges were covered with black door edge molding.  To connect the shaker air plenum to the air box, I had to cut the CDC adpator for the air box and connect it to the shaker with Spectrum flex hose. I also ordered a pair of 281 badges from and placed red Mustang Sill letter from Rocky Mountain Graphics on the Mustang aluminum plate.

Click here for instructions on how to do this mod


CDC Shaker - $605
Black door trim molding - 10' roll    $4.97
281 Badges - $20
Red Mustang Sill letters - $6
Spectra Flexible duct hose - $20

Installed 2/11/2008