Hurst Shifter Knob -

I purchased this Hurst T-Handle shifter knob from Auto Zone for $14.99.  It is a universal fit and has an adaptor to fit the stock Mustang shifter.  I wanted the shifter bar to show but it was black and not very atteractive.  I wanted the shifter to be chrome reminiscent of vintage shifter handles.  I bought a chrome 3" plumbing nipple and cut it to size to fit over the stock shifter.  I then inverted the shifter boot and placed a rubber band around it.  When it is flipped aound,  the shifter boot fits snugly around the nipple.

Click here for instructions on how to do this mod.


Purchased and installed Septermber 4th-2006

Hurst 1530019 Shifter T handle - $14.99 (Autozone)

Chrome Nipple $3.99