Wheel Spinners:


While the Caliper paint was drying, My son installed the Tribar Spinners.  I found them on Ebay for $69.95.  These are like the Original tribar spinners that come on the V6 premium package but instead of having the blue ford oval, they have the classic tri-bar pony design.  They are made of Chrome plated plastic.  They pop-off and can be easily stolen, so to secure them, we used a 2.5" brass sliding closet door circular handle.  IT fits inside the spinner and has to be installed from behind the wheel.  Now there is no way of removing the spinner without taking the wheel off first.

Click here for directions on how to install this mod.




BRS parts have a better quality product made of aluminum, but they are much more expensive.  they start at $199



Spinners Ordered 4/24 from Ebay at $75 including shipping