Granatelli Strut bar brace and Modified Plenum cover:


I ordered the Granatelli strut bar brace but after installing it, it almost rubbed the top of the Plenum cover.  About this time, I had  missed the performance of the throttle body spacer so I decided it was time to modify the plenum cover.  I cut the front of the plenum cover and attached some plastic clips with epoxy to the cover, then I used a ty-wrap to hold the front down.  I removed the two grommets in the rear of the cover and removed the studs on the rear of the plenum, then I installed the cover and re-installed the two studs.  Now the clearance between the strutbar and the plenum cover is over 1/2" and I am able to use my throttle body spacer again. 

I ordered a pair of strut bar cover disks for $4.99 on Ebay.  These are just black disks with a hole in the center that covers the strut tower hole.  I painted them Torch red.



Granatelli STB purchased 8/24 - $66 shipped

Strut Bar Cover - $4.99

Plenum cover modification - $5 in parts