Trunk Mat


This mod was a little time consuming but quite worth it in my opinioin.  It took about three hours to complete and I had to redo it once.  I started out by making a paper template and then tracing it onto whiteboard.  I cut the board out with a jigsaw.  I bought charcoal trunk liner material and 3M automotive spray adhesive at the local AutoZone store.   After cutting out the whiteboard, I trimmed a piece of the trunk liner material slightly larger then the template.  I used the door panel cips to mount the mat to the trunk.  I had to drill holes in three places.  I then sprayed the whiteboard and the underside of the carpet liner and let it sit for about 2 minutes to tack up.  I then placed the carpet matt on the board and used a hot  glue gun to glue the ends of the carpet over the edge of the board while trimming it.  Unfortnately, the temlate I used was a little too large and the trunk weather stripping was getting squished when the trunk was closed so I had to redo the trunk mat with a smaller template.

I finished the matt by using a Mustang pony from a grill that I purchased on Ebay.



Trunk Matt - $10.00
3M automotive spray adhesive - $5.79
Grille Pony from Ebay $9.95

Door clips and white borad (N/C used scraps)

Installed 6//2007