April 07 Reunion

April 01, 2007

This was the first of what hopefully will be many reunions. Joe and Maggie were kind enough to get this going for us. We met at Top's diner in Harrison on April 01, 2007. Many of us thought that it was an April Fools joke but it wasn't.  The day was cold and dreary but  we did not notice because the long lost acquaintances had built into fond friendships over the years.  Joe and Olga stood by the doorway of the diner and greeted each of us as we approached.  We all looked into each other's faces while searching the deep recesses of our memories for glimpses of those long lost child hood friends we had not seen for so many decades.  We've all changed so much but after a few minutes it was as if  we had never parted.  The conversation was quick paced as we all rushed to recount all the wonderful things that have filled our lives since we last met, while narrating childhood memories and singing long forgotten chants.

If you were fortunate enough to be there with us, these pictures may help you relive that warm evening; and if you could not join us, perhaps this will rekindle some fond memories and provide some additional incentives for you to join us at the next reunion.

Joycee Vartoukian, Elina Herna, Ileana Espinosa,  Olga Stegura - Pirone, Karen Giacobbe, Joyce Lane, Margaret Harkin - Pisco

Octavio Diaz, Arthur Alvarado, Joe Buckley




As much as he wanted to, the miles of separation prevented Normando Matos fom joining us for this first reunion but he is joining us in spirit and sent us some pictures so we can remember him by.