Feb 07

Every year the choir girls (7th and 8th graders), the patrol boys (7th graders) and altar boys (7th,8th and a few 6th graders) went on a trip. All of our 8th graders were allowed regardless of altar boy status. The place we went was an amusement park. Name the park for 10 points, Name the lake it was on for 5 points and get 1 point for each ride you name. (note: that boat ride in the dark was not named the tunnel of love.)

Bertrand Island on Lake Hopatcong. The rides were (I'm just using generic names) Bumper cars, The Whip, Rollercoaster, Scrambler, Boomerang, The Lost River, Rowboats, Paddleboats,Funhouse, The Electriccube(the strobe light room), Train Ride, Go Carts, Carousel, Aerojet, Tilt-a-whirl, Trabant (a new ride at the time). If there are others , I can't remember. Was the dodge-em different than the bumper cars?