Mar 07

Every year the choir girls (7th and 8th graders), the patrol boys (7th graders) and altar boys (7th,8th and a few 6th graders) went on a trip. All of our 8th graders were allowed regardless of altar boy status. The place we went was an amusement park. Name the park for 10 points, Name the lake it was on for 5 points and get 1 point for each ride you name. (note: that boat ride in the dark was not named the tunnel of love.)

March trivia answers are.....
K-Sister Ann Damien and Sister Joseph Regina
1-Sister Walter Elizabeth and Mrs. Zecchino
2-Miss Cerillo and Mrs. Dotto
3-Sister Ellen Louise and Mrs. Brown
4-Mrs. Handville and Mrs. McGuigan
5-Sister Mary Rose and Sister Rose Edward
6-Sister Jean and Miss San Giacomo who became Mrs. King
7-Miss Sullivan who became Mrs. Gauthier and Sister Kathleen
8-Sister Kathleen and Sister June
P-Sister Ann Thomasina and Sister Patricia Marren
VP- Sister Helena Joseph
Priests- Monsignor Fitzsimmons, Father Best,Father Conheeny,Father Holian, Father Bauman and Father/Monsignor Wightman. Others mentioned were Father Lou and Father Drew . Father Lou came later but is acceptable and Father Drew was at SVA but was Father Bauman's brother so also acceptable.
Other sisters were... Sister Cordiss (guidance) and Sister Charlotte (the singing nun)
The organist was Mrs. Pietrangelo
The Following were instrumental in that they were either teachers aides,volunteer teachers or perennial class mothers....Mrs. Conway, Mrs. Damiano, Mrs.Leahy,Mrs. Tramutola, Mrs.Gambacorta, Mrs. Perillo,Mrs. Vartoukian, Mrs. Huegle and I'm sure I forgot many others so please accept my apology if I didn't mention someone.
There were other teachers mentioned and accepted as they did teach during our years at SMS