The yellow turn signals on the GXP stick out like a sore thumb. Clear turn signals look much better but the GXP uses a 3757 bulb which is only available in Amber.





The 3157A LL is a long life clear bulb that is almost identical to the 3757 except the little tabs on the side of the bulb are in the center of the base and prevents the bulb from being inserted into the 3757 socket on the GXP. The solution is simple. Use a file to file off of the tab on the 3157 bulb. Make sure you file off the right half. Once you file the tab down the bulb fits into the socket snugly.




In some states, turn signals have to be Amber. If you are in one of those states, you can use a stealth bulb. They are a bit more expensive, about $30 a pair. They can be purchased from StealthAuto. These bulbs are normal amber bulbs that are plated with a mirror like Chrome finish. They appear amber when lit but are chrome when powered off.