Text Box: What you will need:

•	Jack
•	4 Jack Stands
•	13/16  Lug Wrench or Socket
•	G2 Brake Caliper Paint Kit
•	Decals (optional)
•	Mixing Jar (optional)
•	Small flat Paint brushes (optional)
•	Wire brushes
•	Rags 
•	Some patience

This mod is fairly simple and I did not think of taking many pictures while I was doing it.  There are several options for Brake Caliper paint but my favorite by far is the G2 kit.  This is a 2 part Epoxy paint kit that must be mixed before use.  It is available in a variety of colors.  It is available in a variety of colors.  I bought it from HubCapsPlus.


The kit comes with a can of spray on brake cleaner, a can of paint and a glass bottle with hardener.  The can is about ¼ full and contains 4 0z of paint.  You will only need about 1 oz for this but if you want you can use it all.  I poured 2 OZ of paint and 1/2 of the hardener into a small glass jar and mixed it.  This was enough to give the brakes 3 coats and I still had plenty left over.  This paint dries fast and once it starts hardening you can’t use it any more so its preferable to paint all 4 calipers at the same time.


The brush that comes with the kit will work but it is not the best.  You may want to invest in some cheap flat brushes.  The paint dries fairly quickly and clumps up on the brush so you might need at least 2 brushes.  The thing that is amazing about this paint is that all of the brush strokes disappear as it dries. 


You can give it a second coat after 15 minutes (which conveniently is how long it takes to paint all 4 calipers).   After 4 hours the paint is dry and you can put your wheels back on but you have to wait 24 hours before you can drive the car to give the paint enough time to fully cure.


I used decals that say Solstice and GXP on the front calipers.  The rear calipers are a bit small and I could not fit the decals on them.  I purchased the decals from ASAP Digital imaging.  They have a lot of really nice products for our cars and their service is excellent.


G2 Brake Caliper Paint Kit

1)      Loosen the lug nuts on  all 4 wheels.  Do not remove any lugs, just loosen them a bit at this point.

2)      Jack the car up using the manufacturer specified jack points and place the car on 4 jack stands.

3)      Remove lug nuts and wheels.  Make sure you don’t mix up the left and right side.  Keep track of front and rear also; this might be a good time to rotate your tires.

4)      Use the supplied Spray cleaner and the wire brushes to clean all 4 calipers.

5)      When you are done you may want to clean the inside of the wheel wells, shocks, control arms, etc.

6)      If you are not going to use all of the paint, pour ½ of the paint and the hardener into a can or jar and save the rest for later.

7)      Apply the paint to the calipers.  It goes on really smooth.  Don’t worry too much about brush strokes because they will level out.  By the time you get to the 4th caliper the first one should be ready for a second coat. I applied a total of three coats and I thought that was sufficient.  Use a rag to wipe away any paint you get in places you shouldn’t.  Take your time and you’ll be surprised how quickly this goes.

8)      While you are waiting for the paint to dry, you can take advantage of this opportunity to clean the inside of your rims.

9)      DSCN0323After 4 hours, the paint should be dry and you can apply your decals.


10)   Now comes the hard part, waiting for 4 hours.  Go grab a movie, some pizza and a couple of beers. 

11)   Put the wheels back on and jack the car up again to remove the jack stands.

12)   Now comes the hardest part.  As much as you may be tempted to take her out for a spin and show of your cool calipers, you need to wait 20 more hours.