The front fascia needs to be removed to do this, but that's not as hard as I thought it would be. There are lots of screws, so remember where they go. All the screws are either 7mm or 10mm. There are also some push-in fasteners that will have to be pried out with something. I used diagonal cutting pliers, but anything that can get behind the head of these to pry them out will work.

The first thing is to get the IC pipes disconnected and out of the way. To do this, remove the four 10mm screws that hold them in and loosen the lower hose clamps on each side. The pipes can now be pulled free of the IC.

Next step is removing the Fascia and plastic under it. To do this unplug the wiring harnesses to the lights, and take out nine 7mm screws and two 10mm screws on the topside with the hood open.

At the front inner edge of each wheel well, there are four 7mm screws that need to come out.

The marker lamps can't be unplugged until after the fascia is completely loose.
Now you have to move to the underside of the car. There are four 10mm screws and 8 push-in fasteners on the bottom to be removed.

The plastic under the intercooler gan now be pulled down from under the car. Next gently pull the bumper fascia away enough on each side to disconnect the marker lamps mentioned earlier. Now the whole front fascia can be pulled off and set aside. The IC is now exposed. There are 2 brackets held on with one 10mm screw each that need to come out next.

There are two 10mm screws on each side of the intercooler to be removed. Be careful, as when these 4 screws are out, the intercooler will want to drop out.

Here are the two intercoolers side by side. The new one is a few pounds heavier, but the increased flow, and better cooling is supposed to reap more power.

the clips on the original IC need to be transferred to the new one.

Now bolt the new IC in place of the old one.

Re-install everything else in the reverse order of removal. Be sure to check the alignment of the body lines before tightening the fascia screws.

when you're done you can't really even see any difference visually. RPI claims 25hp consistently. They also said to use the stock airbox with a high flow element. I had the Fujita intake tube on, but re-installed the stock box, and it does indeed run better with the stock box.