The Sho-N-Go retractable plate bracket is a folding retractable license plate mounting bracket.When fully extended, it legally displays the front license plate.To hide the plate, simply flip the plate down and slide it underneath the car.

The installation of this bracket is very simple on the Solstice.It only requires the use of 3 screws.The quality and workmanship of this product is superb.This bracket can be purchased from Blue Oval industries for $39.95.A fully automated, motorized version with key fob remote controls is also available for $120.

Itís easier to install these brackets with the car on ramps.This will give you enough clearance to work under the front bumper.

Have an assistant hold the fully extended bracket in place and mark the three spots that will need to be drilled with a grease pencil.

Drill the holes and attach the bracket in place with the sheet metal screws provided.Attach your plate with the screws provided.The kit also includes a piece of foam with double sided tape.Peel the backing and place the foam on the back of the plate bracket where it makes contact with the bumper to protect the painted finish of the car.