This modification was originally posted by DeepBlueGXP on the forum

.  The effect is to turn the side marker into marker turn signals.  This is a simple no cost mod that works on all Solstice and Sky.






To begin, open your hood and locate the wire harness that connects to the turn signals and the side marker.  This harness is inside of a plastic split wire loom and wrapped in electrical tape.  Use a knife to remove the electrical tape and expose the wires leading to the fog and turn signal.


With a wire stripper, cut the black wire and strip the middle of the blue wire.  Do not cut the blue wire.  Insert the stripped end of the black wire in between the strands of the blue wire and wrap it securely around the blue wire.  If you wasn’t to be extra secure, you can solder this connection otherwise just tape it tightly with Electrical tape.


Once this connection is taped, put the wires back inside the wire loom and tape the entire loom with Electrical tape.